How Did They Get That Way?

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Existential Ennui

buickI grew up in Flint, Michigan.

Now you may not think much about that. One could say one grew up in Terra Haute or Bloomington and you might get the same sort of shrug–so what?

But some towns define people in a way others don’t.

Flint is a defining town. Flint is and always has been Buick Town. Flint was and is Detroit in miniature, always the little brother to the big guy, the one with acne and coke-bottle glasses. Say you were from Flint when someone from Detroit was around, and there would be instant snickering. (If you went to one of the big college towns to school, you know this all too well). If you were somebody in Flint, you were nobody anywhere else.

Mayfair District, Mt. Morris Township, Flint Michigan to be exact. You can buy a house two blocks from where I grew up for $18,000…

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