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[BTW] : Ben Trube, Writer

One of the recent pieces of news in the publishing industry this week is the bidding over ‘City on Fire‘, the 900 page debut novel from author Garth Risk Hallberg. The winner: Knopf for $2 million.

Hallberg (who has a great middle name by the way) is described as a “little known” author who has published a couple of short stories and a short novella, before unleashing this tome which took him six years to write.

I’d love to know a word count but I’m guessing it’s at least in the 400K range, or put another way, five Surreality’s.

Suffice it say, I doubt the lesson self-published or aspiring authors should take away from this is that more is better. For arbitrary reasons (somewhat informed by advice) I think an author’s first couple of books should fall in the 70K-125K range. Surreality’s current draft is 76K (down…

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