“The Buurman” or “Scary Movie…in Holland”

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Heavy Travel Addict

Storm and rain outside. I hear noises I am not familiar with. I am alone in my sister’s house in Holland. Well, not quite alone, the cat named Juanita keeps me company. I have to add that the Dutch people have a tendency to exhibitionism…or shall we say that they are just more open than others? In case you are bored, walk through the streets and watch what people are up to in their homes. The window fronts of their houses are large and facing the street and in general there are no curtains. That is why nothing behind these windows stays hidden. Specially at night when the lights are turned on inside, you can get a perfect picture about Dutch evenings. I try not to think about the fact that I am exposed to any possible window watcher.
Sitting on the couch, the cat and computer on my knee, a cup of tea by my side. Suddenly the
doorbell rings…

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