Theodore- Chapter 29

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Sophie Bowns

“Miss McGrath?”
“Ah, Mr Howard.”
“It is very dark, might I take you home? That way you can pack your things and return to the palace right away.”
“I hadn’t thought of that. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Thank you kindly.”
“I am ready when you are.”

Bonnie placed on her Bonnet and shawl, stroking Theodore’s cheek.
“I’ll be returning sooner than I thought.”
“Hmm, I am so glad.”
Bonnie glanced at Mr Howard. “Sorry, I am ready now. I just wanted to tell him.”
“Of course, this way.”
“It wont take me long to pack, I do not have many clothes. But I do want to say a proper goodbye to my family.”
Bonnie knocked on her door before entering, to be greeted by Maira.
“Bonnie, what is the matter?”
“Mother, I have returned to fetch my things so that I might stay at the palace…

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