Batik #4: For my mother..

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blank canvas diaries

As I recently stumbled upon a large amount of free time over the last few weeks, I decided to plant myself firmly at Limbong Art, as evidenced through my last few blog posts. Sharing meals and recipes from our different cultures with Umi (batik instructor), meeting interesting new travellers, and feeling engrossed in such a rich part of the artistic heritage of Malaysia kept me coming back for more.  After so many intensive hours hunched over pouring hot wax and inks on cotton, it’s time for a break, so it’s a good thing the next few weeks will be a bit busy as we host some family visiting from Canada. I hope to get a chance to straighten out my back and watch stubborn ink stains fade off my fingernails.  (Note: having a personality inclined towards obsessive tendencies is both a blessing and a curse.)

Having gone through 4 years…

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