Day 404: Lazing in Langkawi

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Dan:  Time for the beach and the start of our Andaman island hopping adventure! Leaving behind the bustle of Georgetown we queued up to get on the ferry and saw all sorts of exciting big ships in the port. We walked past each of them and arrived at ours, which was small, very old looking and sightly suspect.

Off to the beach! Off to the beach!

Queuing for the ferry. Queuing for the ferry.

Hmmmm Hmmmm

After quickly downing half a pack of stomach settlers each we set off on our way, Soph concentrated on the horizon and I watched “Terminator”. Seems like public transport in South East Asia has the same idea of family viewing as in South America. Anyway, so we arrived and Langkawi wasn’t busy or bustling at all. Excellent! There were great beaches though and they weren’t at all crowded and we spent plenty of time relaxing on them, and avoiding getting burnt every day.

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