How many SIMs cards do you have?

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Between my partner and I we seem to be on a SIM collecting spree!

My latest trip to Malaysia added yet another SIM. But what a pleasure – For approx $10 and 10 mins, was up and running on email, BBM, WhatsAp, etc!

Simple getting a SIM card! Simple getting a SIM card!

All I needed was my passport.

In a puzzling irony, discovered that it is cheaper to call India from Kuala Lumpur than it is to call someone within the same city?! As in half price? Now… how is that logical?

That I later ran into all sorts of network and other issues had more to do with the fact that my Blackberry was on its last legs than the service provider.

Even getting a SIM in Indonesia is quite simple – though I was lucky my colleague picked up my card so it was ready and waiting on my arrival – nice, eh?


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