I quite like my granny shoes!

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Rosie154's Blog

This week I became a car owner after removing myself from the road for 5 years. Feeling my love for public transport fade into the distance I jumped in my car and headed into peak traffic. It does make one a bit tense- public transport is good in so many ways to keep the calm and debrief with my own thoughts. Anyway I will continue to drive to work once a week until I can be a blogger full time!
I have making steps towards my next career which excites and delights me.
Today I’m in what looks a little like. Vintage ASOS dress which I picked up in the feb sales with 25% off. Looks great with my new modcloth Dance instead of Walk shoes. So my shoes I believe are great however my very trendy (well sometimes) fiancé says they are old lady shoes. I don’t mind they…

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