Introducing Food in Penang, Malaysia- Century Egg Congee

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Bongabongaland Food

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Local name: 皮蛋粥 “Pey-Dan-Chowk”

Where to find: Some local food courts

Description: ‘Pey-Dan’ stands for preserved or century egg in Cantonese. Don’t be put off by the clear dark green colour of the egg, it’s actually quite tasty. The base of the dish is congee, which is rice cooked in chicken broth, with consistency similar to risotto but the rice is much softer. The dish usually comes with strips of boiled chicken, fried garlic, fresh ginger and sliced Chinese fried bread.

Special mention: If you want a break from the spicy, oily food in Penang, give this dish a try. Also, this is a perfect dish when you’re not feeling well as the the soft rice is easy to digest.

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