Introducing Food in Penang, Malaysia- Mee Jawa

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Bongabongaland Food

After trying the variety of food in Penang, we found that the quality of food across various local food courts are fairly standard- they are all pretty good and exciting.

Therefore, instead of recommending specific restaurants, we have decided to introduce some of the local food that you may never order simply because you don’t know about their existence. Here’s one:

20140226-030319 pm.jpg

Local name: Jawa Mee

Where to find: Local food courts. The stall would usually sell Pasembur too.

Description: The main ingredient used in the sauce is sweet potato so you can expect it to be mildly sweet and savoury. On the plate you would find noodles, savoury crisps, squid, bean sprouts, a slice of hard boiled egg, fried onion, shredded lettuce, lime and chilli paste on the side.

The combination of sweetness from sweet potato and sourness from the lime makes it easy to eat in the hot weather…

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