Island Hopping

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The Opportunist Traveller

I was supposed to write this post sometime last month. This long delay can only be explained with the help of a picture I came across recently. Here it is…
A field guide to procrastinators

I’m the Cleaner (my wardrobe is now colour coordinated), the List Maker, the Watcher (I watched all of Castle, Star Trek, White Collar and Downton Abbey all over again), the Perpetuator, the Sidetracker AND the Snacker. I really must post my new chocolate lava cake recipe here!! Anyway, getting back on track, dreary foggy winter is almost over… its time for a beach vacation!

If you’re looking for turquoise water, white sand beaches (and one black sand beach), islands, lush rainforest and waterfalls, the Langkawi Archipelago is the perfect place to visit. It was declared as Southeast Asia’s first World Geopark. Oh and as a bonus, there is also an overabundance of duty free chocolate, liquor and perfume.

Getting There:

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