Jenny (The Brunei-Malaysia Experience, Part 1)

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Not Your Average Stranger

“Meet a Filipino”

That’s the first thing I need to do the moment I arrive Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Its not that mandatory but it would be really helpful if I meet one. There aren’t that much information about Brunei on the web. It is just amazing how I easily managed to meet one.

“Hi, are you going to Brunei?”, I asked a random woman sitting next to me. We are waiting for the check in counter to open.

“Yes. How about you?”, she asked.

“Yes. I will go to Brunei. Are you working there?”

“I am. And you?”

“No. I’m there to travel”

“Good for you. How long are you going to travel?”

“Not that much. I will be spending around a day and a half in Brunei and a few days in Malaysia”


“I’m Darby by the way”

“I’m Jenny”

Jen is an OFW in Brunei. She…

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