Mentally Tough Middlebrooks Looks To Rebound From Sophomore Slump

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CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Anybody with a television set in the Greater Boston area knew that Will Middlebrooks was struggling at the plate last summer. For the first three months of the 2013 campaign, it seemed like his somebody had dropped a piece of Kryptonite in “The Next Big Thing’s” Red Sock. However the power-hitting righty’s poor performance in the batter’s box was good for something, it gave him a whole new perspective on playing in the Major League.

In his rookie season, Middlebrooks had been the toast of the town. The young prospect had boomed 15 homers and racked up 54 RBIs in only 75 games, all while batting .288. The consensus among Red Sox Nation was that he would have finished the season among the league leaders in power numbers if a broken wrist hadn’t stopped his season in its tracks with 48 games to play. The sky was…

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