Night time Melaka (Malacca)

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Mews of The Muse

Was in Melaka last weekend. Would you believe it? I’ve been to Melaka (or Malacca in English) a few times but never once have I visited it at night.

If you are planning to visit Melaka, please do drop in after the sun goes down and take a walk along the Melaka river (Sungai Melaka). It is a remarkable stroll along the river banks. So different from what it is in the day. At night the place transforms itself into a cozy yet lively, colorful neon town with a little touch of history along it’s banks.

The place has lots of cafes along the river and some of the buildings and monuments goes way back from the time of the Dutch (1800’s?). I also highly recommend the ferry boat ride as it was a good 45min ride at a very reasonable price. The guide on the boat will give you…

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