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You heard it. Over-deliver! 

What it means is to under-promise but work hard, do not let mediocre workers put you down, think ahead, plan it out, always remember your long-term goal, and exceed the expectations.

I think if we all keep these powerful things in mind, the result will be there and you will impress the management, supervisors, regional offices. I have a small action plan how this all is achieved.

1- Manage expectations:

Always manage your boss’ expectations, why? Because it all a circle, you manage his/her expectations, and they will manage their bosses’ expectations. It’s a cycle in organizations. Well, you can’t control his side of the game because he might not manage the expectations as good as you would manage your own with him, but let’s give it a shot, and always (if you can) put things in black n white. Agree on deadlines, problems, issues, what…

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