Puppy Photo-Shoot

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charlottebibliophile (It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live)

26/02/14  – 365 Challenge #57

As Wednesday is my day off from Uni, I spent it playing with Molly and painting a few pieces for my business, Colourful Quirky Crafts.

I tried my first “photo shoot” with Molly, but as she’s very active, it was very difficult to get a clear shot of her. I also decided to turn the flash off as I didn’t want to damage her eyes – I don’t know if flash can damage puppies eyes, but as she’s only 12 weeks old, I didn’t want to risk it. Having it turned off also reduced the number of times she bounded towards me when hearing the shutter click.


Early this evening Lucinda came over to meet Molly for the first time. Thankfully puppy was reasonably well behaved (having been slightly naughty this afternoon).

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