The Privileged Few: Riding the 1290 Super Duke at Sepang

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Oz to Ice

KTM has always been a brand beyond my means; both financially and performance wise. But when news got round that there was the opportunity to ride their new 1290 Super Duke around Sepang and for free, I made sure all the right strings were pulled in the political landscape that is the Malaysian media, and booked myself a slot for what would turn out to be an overcast Saturday morning.

Thankfully the rain held off as I was already nervous over the Superdukes spec sheet; 189kg, 180hp and 144Nm read to me like a well thought out plan for sliding on your back with an upside down motorcycle laying on top of you down pit lane. Thankfully KTM brought out the boffins from Austria to explain to everyone how they turned an essentially un-rideable beast into something even mere mortals can manage. The ABS and traction control are all well…

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