The Process of Killing Strawberry Saragosa

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Kumusta Kynna

So Strawberry Saragosa of South Central Oklahoma
Helpless and hopeless in this living nightmare now
10 years recovering from that subdural haematoma
Has Brad left for Hollywood and broken another vow?

“I saw you from across the room and caught you, my pet,
With your bright ass blue, I mean BROWN, brown eyes!”
How could you fall for a line like that when you first met
One tipsy teenage beauty queen enamoured with more lies

Kept your face unmarred, never on places too bold
He painted your skin blue and purple and black-defeat
Little Miss Strawberry, the future was yours to hold
Classic and tragic, the world fell down at your feet

You swapped everlasting gold for a crumb of coal
I know better than you, I am better than all of you
The tenderised ego inflated by an unlimited pole
Of constant repeats, you won by default, too true?

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