World Kite Festival

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Rovin' Rambler

Last weekend, we headed to Pasir Gudang for the 19th Annual World Kite Festival. Featuring representatives from over thirty countries and lasting six days, the World Kite Festival is big deal here in Malaysia. It’s an especially proud event for Johor, the state in which the festival is held (and where we live!). We went on Friday, and spent the day wandering around and admiring the display.

We saw some traditional dances…ImageImage

…and ate some good food.


This is roti canai, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Malaysian foods. I want to say that it was cool to stand here and watch the guy make it, but honestly it was late and I was starving and probably would have eaten raw dough, if they would have sold it to me.

Earlier in the day, I had a coconut shake:


You know it’s authentic when the dude cracks…

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